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Hiccup (How To Train Your Dragon 2)

A child who has become a true warrior

Hiccup is thus represented with his appearance from the film Dragons 2. At the end of the first movie, Hiccup loses his leg and finds himself walking with a metal leg much more sophisticated than the traditional Viking wooden leg. Both the leg and the crutch he carries in his hand are quite finely rendered. While the Hiccup of the first movie was still a child dressed in the pants and tunic of a simple villager, in Dragons 2 he has become a real warrior. He wears a leather and metal armor, which is light enough to fly on the back of a dragon. The details of the different elements of the armor as well as the small pattern on his chest are quite accurate. Finally, Hiccup has more or less the same hairstyle as in the previous one, except that he is perhaps a little more dishevelled and Funko has not forgotten the little warrior’s braid that he lets grow on his right side.


In a Viking village

Hiccup is the main character in the Dreamworks animated films Dragons and Dragons 2 (How To Train Your Dragon in VO). In the first Dragons movie, we discover the viking village of Berk. The inhabitants are often prey to terrible dragon attacks. The young Hiccup would like to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a dragon hunter, but he doesn’t really have the physique of a typical Viking. However, he makes up for his physical abilities with his intelligence and engineering skills. During an attack, he manages to wound one of the fiercest dragons but when he finds it, he cannot bring himself to finish it off. So he makes a prosthesis for it so that it can fly again and that’s how he ends up taming it. It is then that he understands that the dragons do not attack of their own free will but are forced to do so by a huge dragon that holds them almost in slavery. In Dragons 2, the dragons now live in harmony with the villagers of Berk but a new threat will soon come to disrupt this quietude


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