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Astrid (How To Train Your Dragon 2)

The girl has grown up a lot

From one film to the other, the Dreamworks animators have managed to make Astrid’s appearance evolve in a very subtle and intelligent way. She goes from a teenager to a woman. Her style remains very similar but with a touch of sophistication and femininity that shows that she has grown up but is still a tough cookie. As in the movie, she wears clothes in different shades of brown that are much better matched than in the previous film. She also added touches of fur on her arms and shoulders to better withstand the cold when riding a dragon. The creators of the figurine have also not forgotten the few characteristic elements of the character, namely her belt of skulls, her headband around the forehead and her famous Viking axe. Finally, in accordance with the Scandinavian fashion, Astrid wears her blond hair braided. But where it was a simple braid and a little disheveled in the first film, it is now a more complex and sophisticated braid giving more softness to her face.


A pure Viking

Astrid is one of the main characters in the Dreamworks animated films Dragons and Dragons 2. In the first film, the action takes place in the Viking village of Berk. The inhabitants are regularly attacked by dragons that plunder their livestock and cause great damage. The most noble vocation for any young man or woman is to become a dragon hunter and young Astrid is no exception to this rule. However, she will have to reconsider her certainties about their long-time enemies when she discovers the secret of young Hiccup. Indeed, not being really cut out for hunting, Hiccup nevertheless manages to wound a dragon thanks to one of his inventions. But not being able to bring himself to finish it, he will instead try to tame it. Astrid and Hiccup then realize that the dragons are under the influence of a much larger dragon with evil designs. Astrid is a typical Viking girl, strong and independent. But she is also intelligent and more sensitive than she appears. In Dragons 2, the action takes place 5 years after the first movie. Astrid and Hiccup are engaged to be married and explore the world around them on the back of a dragon. It is then that they meet a group of dragon hunters in the service of an evil leader who will threaten all their people.


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