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Night Lights yeux verts (How To Train Your Dragon The Hidden World)

The worthy descendant of his parents

Like the other night lights babies, this one is a mixture of his father and mother. He is mostly black and has green eyes like his father but with white belly and front legs like his mother. He is a miniature version of his parents with rounder proportions and still small wings. Like his parents, he has funny little ears as well as small growths on the top of his head and nicely represented scales. He or she stands with his front legs raised.


A new world

The nights lights are the baby dragons of the famous dragon Toothless, the night fury, and his new companion. At the beginning of the movie, the village of Berk keeps welcoming more dragons and they start to be a bit saturated. This is not helped by the fact that hunters are attacking the village more and more often. Hiccup makes the ambitious decision to go in search of the mythical world where all the dragons could come from and where they could live in peace. At the same time, a hunter sends his light fury to distract Toothless. After a particularly violent attack on the village, the whole population of Berk finally leaves for this mythical world but, in the end, Hiccup realizes that the best solution is in fact to let the dragons reach this Earth alone so that they can be at peace until the humans are able to accept them. A few years later, however, Hiccup visits Toothless on his island and introduces him to his family after discovering his own.


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