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Night Lights noir (How To Train Your Dragon The Hidden World)

The son of his parents

This first night Light seems to have taken more from his father and we can therefore imagine that he is a male. His little body is almost all black except for the tip of his white legs, the tip of his nose and his belly are lighter. He also got his blue eyes from his mother Light Fury. Like his parents, his head has a very feline attitude and his long ears are folded back. He sits on his hind legs with a front paw that looks like it is waving while his wings are folded back.


The offspring

The night light is one of the babies that Toothless has with the female Night Fury that he meets in the last opus of the How To Train Your Dragon cartoons. Indeed, at the beginning of the film, we find the village of Berk one year after the previous film. Hiccup has become the leader of the village and he continues to lead rescues to recover the dragons hunted and captured by the many dragon hunters. But the village is getting more than a little crowded and between that and the arrival of a particularly relentless hunter, Hiccup thinks it’s time to find another solution. He decides to find the hidden world where the dragons come from and that his father had told him so much about. He thought they could all live safely together in this world. But only the famous hunter has released the only female Night Fury he had under his control and this disturbs Toothless’ concentration a bit. Eventually, Hiccup will realize that the dragons must be allowed to live in their world until the humans are ready to accept them. At the end of the film, Hiccup marries Astrid and comes back a few years later to visit Toothless who has since had several babies with his girlfriend.


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