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Toothless (How To Train Your Dragon The Hidden World)

As adorable as it is fierce

Funko has represented Toothless standing on his four legs. His black skin is very smooth, except for a few areas where his scales stand out more. His large bat wings are partly spread on his back and, at the level of his long tail, we find the small prosthesis created by Harold and which allows him to fly straight again. Finally, we can see the harness that allows Hiccup to ride on his back, as well as his intimidating green eyes.


The leader of the dragons

Toothless is one of the heroes of the cartoons How To Train Your Dragon from Dreamworks Studios. It takes place in a universe of Vikings whose dragons have always been the enemies. But in the first film, we learned that dragons could actually be allies of humans. In the third film, Hiccup, the young boy who tamed Toothless, has become the leader of the village of Berk with Astrid. For his part, Toothless has become the leader of the dragons. But then a Lightning Fury appears just as a terrible threat is hanging over the village. Toothless and Hiccup then set off on an adventure to discover a new hidden world that will finally give them an idea of their true destiny.


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