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Night Lights blanche (How To Train Your Dragon The Hidden World)

An adorable baby

On the edge of the dragon world, Hiccup finds Toothless with his girlfriend and three of the babies they had together. One of the babies, probably a female, looks very much like her mother with her body almost all white except for the tips of her ears and tail, and her eyes are green like her father’s. This adorable dragoness stands half on her side, with her hind legs and tail up and her wings folded down. Her ears are up and she seems to be looking in front of her with a curious attitude.


A New World

The Night Lights is one of the babies of the Dragon Toothless and his mate in the third and final installment of the adventures of Hiccup the Viking and his dragon. In this latest installment, the village of Berk is home to more and more dragons as hunters continue to torment them outside the village. A terrible hunter seems determined to kill Toothless and the village is violently attacked. Hiccup decides to leave Berk and search for the mythical world from which all dragons come and where they can all live together in safety. But with the last remaining female Light Fury in the world having attracted Toothless’ attention, things get complicated for Hiccup. Finally, after defeating the dragon hunter, Hiccup realizes that the best course of action is to let Toothless and the other dragons go free and return to their world until the humans are ready to accept them. A few years later, he goes to visit her with Astrid and his own children and meets the ones he had with his girlfriend.


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