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Barf and Belch (How To Train Your Dragon 2)

Two heads but not twice as terrifying

Like most of the dragons in this movie, except maybe Toothless, Barf and Belch is rather comical and not very terrifying looking. To be consistent with his flying companions, Barf and Belch is one and the same dragon, but with two heads that seem quite independent of each other. As in the movie, he is green with a yellow chest. His appearance is rather faithful even if we regret that the pattern of his scales is not more detailed. We also find these two round heads with different expressions, at the end of two long necks. They both have an impressive row of sharp fangs as well as several horns and spikes on top of the skull. To match the proportions of the pop figures, his wings are quite small, but he has a long tail with red protrusions giving him a dinosaur look. Barf and Belch will be matched with the other dragons of this series: Toothless, Stormfly and Hookfang!


A two-headed dragon for twins

Barf and Belch is a two-headed dragon in the Dreamworks animated films, How To Train Your Dragon 1 and 2. In the first episode, we follow the adventures of young Hiccup, living in the Viking village of Berk. Being often attacked by dragons, the villagers must be the best dragon hunters possible. Although Hiccup is not very strong, he knows how to be ingenious. On the night of an attack, he injures one of the most terrible dragons, but he can’t bring himself to finish it off. As hunting training begins for him and his friends, Hiccup secretly tames the dragon and realizes that they are not so bad and only attack the village under the orders of a giant dragon. When the adults go looking for the dragons’ nest without knowing what to expect, Hiccup convinces his comrades to free the dragons used for training to come to their rescue. Barf and Belch become the flying companions of Ruffnut and Tuffnut, a strong-tempered brother and sister. In the second episode, new dragon hunters appear around the village of Berk and Hiccup’s group will have to fight them to defend their village.


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