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Tracer Overwatch League (Overwatch)

A competition skin

For this new version of Tracer, Funko has represented him with his Overwatch League skin created for the Overwatch global competition. This one takes the same shape as his usual skin but with dominant gray and a little white and orange. It’s a skintight jumpsuit with lacing on the side of the thigh and big armor on the arms. At the level of the chest, she wears a kind of reactor maintained by an orange frame. Finally, at the level of the head, we find her short black hair styled in spikes as well as her orange sunglasses with golden frames.



Tracer is one of the most popular playable characters in the Overwatch video game. She was a test pilot for the Overwatch league who once agreed to test a new plane containing a teleportation matrix. But there was an accident and Tracer disappeared with the plane. She reappeared some time later, alive but unable to stabilize her molecules, disappearing and reappearing randomly. Fortunately, a scientist was able to fix her problem, but she retained the ability to manipulate time at will. This is of course one of the most useful abilities for Tracer’s character during battle.


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