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Tracer posh (Overwatch)

Tracer in a chic version

For this ThinkGeek exclusive, Tracer is shown here with her chic” skin. She still wears a long white skin-tight suit but it is embellished with many elegant golden elements: her shoes, her wrist guards but also the armor holding the time control device on her chest. On the head, we find the big yellow glasses of aviator that she always wears as well as her short brown hair styled on the side and in peaks on the top of the head.


A heroine lost in time

Tracer is one of the most popular playable characters in the futuristic video Overwatch, from Blizzard Studios. In this game, the Overwatch league of heroes, after disappearing for many years, reappears to save the world from new threats. Tracer, whose real name is Lena Oxton, was a young pilot who disappeared when the teleportation matrix of the device she was testing malfunctioned. She reappeared years later, transformed into a kind of ghost unable to maintain a stable molecular density or anchor herself in the present. Thanks to a League scientist, her molecules were finally stabilized, but she retained the ability to manipulate time at will, slowing it down or even stopping it altogether for a few seconds.


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