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Tsuyu (My Hero Academia)

A superhero

Tsuyu is shown here with her superhero costume half crouched to accentuate her resemblance to the frog. Her costume is green with yellow lines and she wears white gloves on her very long hands. At the head level, we find her big black eyes as well as her big mouth whose tongue is slightly protruding. She has pretty dark green hair tied in a knot at the bottom. Finally, she wears a funny hat looking like a frog’s head with her big green eyes.


The frog woman

Tsuyu is one of Deku’s friends in the manga My Hero Academia. The story takes place in a world where the majority of the population has a superpower. This gives them the possibility to enter schools to become superheroes or on the contrary to choose to do evil. Deku chooses the first solution even though he is one of the few without a power. He meets Tsuyu, a nice girl with a simple and straightforward personality whose powers are linked to her similarities with the frogs.


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