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Twilight Ringwraith (The Lord Of The Rings)

An even more terrifying appearance

The normal” appearance of the ringwraiths or nazguls is terrifying enough, but when Frodo puts on the ring, one can realize their true appearance. Wearing the ring also gives a strange and ghostly look to the world and that is how Frodo is represented here. On his body, we can see his once luxurious robe falling apart with a lot of detail represented by Funko. On his belt, he carries his sword and in his right hand a dagger that he holds in a threatening attitude. On his head, although he is still somewhat human, he has a mostly skeletal appearance with simple holes in place of the nose and a very marked bone structure. Finally, on his head, he wears an impressive silver crown that is reminiscent of the aggressive side of Sauron’s helmet.

The Fallen King

The Twilight Ringwraith is a character that we meet in The Lord of the Rings and more particularly in the first part, The Fellowship of the Ring. When Sauron creates the famous ring of power, he also creates several other rings that he gives to men, dwarves and elves to control them. The human kings are the ones who most easily fall under his power. They become Ringwraiths, creatures between life and death who are drawn to the power of the ring. They are usually hidden by a long black cloak and hood, but when Frodo puts on the ring, he gets a glimpse of the true face of these kings almost rendered in a skeleton state.


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