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Tyrion Lannister Meereen (Game Of Thrones)

A new look for the fallen Lannister

When Tyrion flees King’s Landing, he must go incognito and therefore abandons the usual red and gold Lannister outfit for something more sober. Once in Meereen, he adopts a local outfit and this is how he is represented on this new figurine. We can see that he wears brown pants and light black boots. On top, he wears a beige shirt topped with a brown tunic and a small matching cape. At the level of the head, we can see his famous scar across his face as well as the thick beard that he wears to pass more easily unnoticed. His chestnut hair is also a little longer and less styled than before. Finally, he holds in his right hand a golden cup from which he drinks wine.


Tyrion got a new queen

Tyrion Lannister is one of the most important characters in the fantasy series Game Of Thrones, the one who has appeared in the most episodes. When Tyrion is unjustly accused of the murder of his nephew Joffrey and sentenced to death, he decides that he has had enough of his family and manages to escape with the help of Varys and his brother Jaime. After many adventures, including being a slave for a while, he finally manages to reach Meereen to offer his services to Daenerys, whom he thinks is the best hope for the people of Westeros and whom Varys was actually serving since the beginning of the story. Daenerys then accepts them both as advisors and they will then work to find her ships to help her return to Westeros to regain the throne.


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