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Valkyrie (Thor Ragnarok)

A modern Viking

As her look suggests, Valkyrie is clearly a modern warrior. She wears an all-black leather outfit with pants and a tunic ending in a loincloth. The many details are perfectly consistent with the style of other characters, including Thor and Loki. She also wears black protective gloves and an impressive dagger in each hand as well as a small piece of blue cape in the back. On the head, we find her brown skin and her hair styled in the typical Viking fashion, separated in three parts and braided. On her face, we can see the white tattoos that start from her eye and partially cover her cheeks.


The Asgardians in distress

Valkyrie is an important character of the third movie opus of the adventures of the superhero Thor from Marvel Studios. In this film, Thor is trapped on another planet and deprived of his hammer after the terrible Hella has attacked Asgard and threatens to trigger Ragnarok, the end of the world. We don’t know the precise role of Valkyrie in this movie, but in the comics, she was the leader of the Valkylior, in charge of taking humans to the world of the dead until Odin decided not to interfere with the lives of humans. She then found herself wandering around Asgard and became an adventurer as well as a great warrior. We can imagine that like Thor, Valkyrie will want to do everything to save her world Ragnarok.


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