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Vegeta powering up (Dragon Ball Z)

A powerful hero

For this exclusive figure, Funko has represented Vegeta in a powering up” and glows in the dark version, making his powers rise before an attack. He wears a tight blue and white suit with yellow boot tips and white gloves. He stands with his arms raised and his legs spread. His hair is in spikes on top of his head and, as his power grows stronger, his eyes and hair are turning turquoise. Finally, he is surrounded by some kind of turquoise flames.


The most popular enemy

Vegeta is a very important character and one of the most popular in the famous manga and anime series Dragon Ball Z, telling the adventures of the famous Son Goku. We discover Vegeta in the second part of the manga when Goku discovers that he is in fact from a race of extra-terrestrial warriors. He is the prince Vegeta of the planet Vegeta and also the prince of the Sayians. Vegeta is ready to do anything, including killing, in his search for the Dragon Balls. But his attitude will gradually change when he realizes that he has spent his life acting as a slave to Freezer. At first one of Goku’s most powerful enemies, he will eventually become an ally and join his group. He will soften and even end up falling in love with Bulma and marrying her. Together, they will have a son, Trunks, who will be part of one of the most popular arcs of the saga.


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