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Widowmaker gold (Overwatch)

The Spider Woman

For this exclusive version of the character, Funko has depicted her with her golden outfit instead of her usual silver one. Her skin is a bit purple and she holds in her hands her famous grappling gun with fine details. On her head, she wears her infrared vision helmet with round purple parts that look like the eyes of a spider. Like all Overwatch figures, this is another impressively detailed figure.



Widowmaker (Fatale in French) is one of the most popular playable heroines of the first-person shooter video game Overwatch. Originally from France, she was the wife of an Overwatch agent who was kidnapped and re-programmed by a criminal group. This forced her to kill her husband in his sleep, whereupon the criminal organization finished the job, slowing her heart and stripping her of all emotion to make her the perfect assassin. In the game, she specializes in ranged attacks, especially with her grappling gun.


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