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Winter Soldier (The Falcon And The Winter Soldier)

The Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier is shown here running as we can see during the second episode when he is chasing the truck in which the new super-soldiers have escaped. He is wearing black pants with a blue jacket. On one side he wears a black glove and on the other we can see his bionic arm with a clenched fist, ready to attack. On the head, we find his brown hair styled in spikes on the top of the head as well as his light goatee.


On a mission of redemption

Winter Soldier, whose real name is Bucky Barnes, is one of the two heroes of the Marvel series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Bucky was a friend of Steve Rogers who was left for dead during World War II. But he was recovered by Hydra who made him a super-soldier assassin that they conditioned to answer only to their orders and that they took out regularly before recryogenizing him, which explains why he arrived to the 21st century without having aged. When Steve found him, he managed to deprogram him, with the help of the King of Wakanda. In the series, Bucky tries to resume a normal life after being forgiven for all his crimes. He is in therapy and tries to repair all the damage he has done despite himself. But then Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers’ other great friend, comes looking for him to help him find the new super-soldiers who have been wreaking havoc on the world since the return of all the missing people for five years.


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