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Winter Soldier (Captain America Civil War)

A moving figure

Now that we know the identity of the Winter Soldier, he is represented with his face uncovered. At the body level, we can see his black stealth soldier suit, whose details are nicely represented. As in the movie, all the rest of his outfit is black. When he falls from a train in Captain America and is left for dead, he is recovered by Hydra and resurrected but as he lost his arm, Hydra replaces it with a metal arm very well represented here with the red star on his shoulder. In his arms, Bucky holds an impressive firearm with nicely reproduced details. On the head, Bucky has a simple face but his eyebrows give him an angry look and we find the half-length hair he wears since Captain America The Winter Soldier.


The childhood friend of Captain America

Winter Soldier, whose real name is Bucky Barnes, is one of the main characters of the movie Captain America Civil War. He first appeared in the movie Captain America. During World War II, Steve Rogers was a young American who wanted to join the army but his poor physical condition prevented him from doing so. He participated in a scientific experiment that gave him superhuman strength, resistance and speed and became Captain America. He formed a team with Bucky Barnes who had been captured by the Nazi Hydra and other soldiers but was left for dead after his plane crashed into a frozen lake. 70 years later he was found intact, and joined SHIELD, a government agency, and fought new dangers with the Avengers. In Captain America The Winter Soldier, he realizes that Hydra had not only infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. but that they had also taken Bucky Barnes, who Steve thought was dead during one of their missions, and turned him into a super soldier. In Captain America Civil War, following the events of Avengers 2 in Sokovia, the government wants to impose more control on the Avengers and wants to eliminate Bucky Barnes, even though Steve Rogers had managed to bring back his friend by erasing the brainwashing he had undergone by Hydra. But Captain America doesn’t intend to let that happen, he will have to face Iron Man and his team but he will also be able to count on the help of Falcon, Scarlett Witch and his friend Bucky Barnes.


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