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Wonder woman (DC Comics Bombshells)

A wonder pin-up

As it is the case on the original figures and the derived comics, we find the Wonder woman costume adapted to the pin-up fashion of the time. She wears short shorts with a blue and white high waist, a red blouse with a white collar and cuffs, and a golden belt buckle with her famous logo on it. With that, she wears of course her famous red boots, her bracelets of strength and holds her lasso of truth in her right hand. On the head, her face is simple, but we can see her black hair decorated with a yellow scarf typical of the time. Like all the figures of this series, the design of this one is very neat and will make a very nice addition to a DC Comics collection.


Wonder woman during World War II

Wonder woman is one of the first and most famous DC Comics heroines. Called Diana Prince on Earth, Wonder Woman is in fact an alien Amazon princess. She possesses many powers such as superhuman strength and speed and is the female counterpart of Superman. Her story has been told many times but this version is taken from the 2013 comics, themselves inspired by a series of figurines representing some DC Comics heroines in a 40s pin-up style. These figures were so popular that they were made into collector’s versions of some comic book covers until it was finally decided to create comics directly inspired by this aesthetic and period and dedicated to each of the characters.


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