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Yami Yugi (Yu Gi Oh)

A flamboyant character

Yami Yugi is represented here with his usual purple outfit as well as his black shoes with studs and his cape which adds a dramatic side to his outfit. He also wears his famous necklace and holds cards in his hands. On the head, we find of course this inimitable haircut with a yellow front and the rest is pink and black and all of course in spikes.


The second soul in Yugi

Yami Yugi’s body is the spirit of the pharaoh Atem residing in the body of the hero of the manga and cartoon Yu Gi Oh, Yugi Muto. Indeed Yugi was a specialist of riddles and puzzle and it is when he solved the puzzle of the millennium that he released the spirit of the pharaoh locked up since millenniums. Since then, Yami Yugi has taken up residence in Yugi Muto’s body and sometimes takes control of it when it is in danger. Once Yugi Muto realized this, it became possible for him to voluntarily give control to the pharaoh and even to be able to communicate with him.


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