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Yzma glows in the dark (The Emperor’s New Groove)

An even more evil look

Funko has made a glows in the dark version of Yzma for this chase figure. She is represented with her purple skin and her long black dress revealing a skinny leg and feathers on her shoulders. We find her skeletal face with very made-up eyes and with this funny puff on the head. She has a big devilish smile while she holds in her hand a bottle containing the poison intended for Kuzco (or on the contrary the potion which would allow him to become human again).

A bad advisor

Yzma is one of the main characters in the Disney cartoon Kuzco the Mega Emperor (The Emperor’s New Groove). She is the advisor of Kuzco, young immature Inca emperor who does not care more than Yzma about his people. This last one is especially interested in more power, what Kuzco realizes. For this reason, he decides to send her back. Furious, she invites him to dinner to make peace” but in fact plans to kill him with one of her many poisons. But his assistant Kronk makes a mistake with the poison and he finds himself transformed into a llama. She orders him to kill him and to get rid of the body while she takes the opportunity to take Kuzco’s place at the head of the empire. But Kronk confesses to her that he didn’t have the courage to kill and just got rid of the llama which ended up in the cart of a villager whose. Kuzco wanted to destroy the village. Yzma and Kronk are in a chase with Kuzco in the jungle as he tries to return to the palace, thinking that Yzma will be able to help him.


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