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Zero in Duck Cart (L’Etrange No?l De Monsieur Jack)

A funny Christmas present

Zero is shown here in the car of a plastic duck train. Like the other Pop Trains in this series, all of the cars can be hooked up to the locomotive driven by Jack. The car is shaped like a duck with teeth like one of the toys Jack makes when he tries to replace Santa Claus. This one is yellow with very big eyes and sharp teeth. It is on a black base with orange wheels. Zero floats on top of the car with a clear plastic support. His body is a white sheet with a red collar around his neck. He has long floppy ears, closed eyes, a wide smile and of course his little pumpkin nose.

The cutest dead dog

Zero is Jack Skellington’s little ghost dog from the cartoon Mr. Jack’s Strange Christmas. This stop motion cartoon by Tim Burton and produced by Disney is set in the town of Halloween where everyone is getting ready to celebrate their favorite holiday in a terrifying way. Zero is a very happy and playful little dog even though he is dead. He is also very loyal to Jack Skellington, going everywhere with him and bringing him a bone to throw to distract him when he is sad. But this year, Jack is sad and not as excited as usual about Halloween. As they walk through the forest, they will find a way into Christmas town where everyone looks happy and smiling. Jack decides to kidnap Santa to find out more and Zero follows him as always.


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