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Absolute Carnage (Marvel)

A nightmare image

For this figure, Funko depicted the cover of the first issue of the comic book series. We find a ground covered with skulls covered with blood on which are posed the graves of several famous Marvel heroes (Peter Parker also known as Spiderman, Rogers for Captain America, Brock for Eddie Brock, the first host of Venom and Logan, the famous X Men). Carnage is entirely red with an anthropomorphic body but with growths coming out of several parts of his body and extending all around him. At the head level, we find the spiral symbol on his forehead as well as this so particular shape of eyes and mouth.


A terrible symbiote

Absolute Carnage is the name of a series of comics of the Marvel editions released from July 2019 and putting in front of the supervillain Carnage. The latter is an alien called symbiote, that is to say that he can only live in symbiosis with a host that he then makes much stronger but which he takes most of the control. Carnage is the son of Venom and is stronger but also much more violent and vicious. Where Venom directs his violence solely at criminals and instead takes possession of superheroes, Carnage takes possession of supervillains or psychopaths that fit his mindset. In Absolute Carnage, he is under the command of Knull, the creator of all symbiotes, and all heroes who have ever carried a symbiote are in danger.


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