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Alien (The X-Files)

The little grey man

With his big head and his big black eyes, the famous little grey man is particularly well suited to the style of pop figures! Funko has however slightly deviated from his usual shape to fit precisely the shape of the head of this character. His big black eyes are well sunken in their sockets and Funko gave them eyelids to make him a little more expressive. As in the series, he has no nose, just two small black holes that give him that skeletal look. As for the body, it is humanoid but still represented naked and very thin. It is especially his hands, abnormally large and thin, as well as his gray skin that give him his alien look. This figurine is a must for X-Files fans and it could also be the beginning of a Stargate collection since he looks like the famous Thor of the Asgard people!


The Roswell alien

This grey alien with a big head is an emblematic character of the fantastic series of the 90s: X-Files. This series, which has become a cult favorite, tells the story of two young FBI agents assigned to the X-Files, a department that deals with current and old cases that have never been solved. Agent Fox Mulder chose to work in the X-Files, despite the ridicule he often receives, because he believes he can find the explanation for what he thinks was his sister’s abduction by aliens when they were children. Dana Scully, a scientist by training, will be much more skeptical but will, nevertheless, be more and more involved in Mulder’s strange investigations. The alien appears many times in the series, most often as a flashback or a description of a memory by people who think they have been abducted by aliens and rarely in a clear way. This grey alien with a big head is of course inspired by the supposed photos of the alien who would have been found in Roswell in 1947. Since then, he has been featured in many movies or series dealing with aliens, such as Stargate.


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