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Dana Scully (The X-Files)

A character at the height of his glory

Funko seems to have been inspired by the most successful period of the series, around season 5, for its Mulder and Scully figurines. We can recognize Scully’s style in the promo pictures of the movie that takes place between seasons 5 and 6. If Scully has always had a rather strict look and a wardrobe mainly made of suits, these have evolved over the seasons, followed the fashion and became less strict and a little more feminine. So we recognize this dark blue suit (although it is lighter than in the photos in question) with its classic black pumps with heels. The characteristic element is this jacket a little long with a belt. An element that seems anecdotal but that we will never find later in his wardrobe. We also find the large white collar of her shirt which exceeds the jacket as well as, of course, her badge of the F.B.I. What is characteristic of the character of Dana Scully, they are her red hair. She always wore it more or less in a bob but a real connoisseur will be able to tell from which season an episode is taken just by Scully’s hair! And here, it is indeed the style of the movie that is nicely represented by Funko. Finally, Scully is holding a flashlight in her hand, which is very symbolic of the early days of the series when Mulder and Scully used to show up in dark places with it as their only light.


Mulder, that’s me!

Dana Scully is one of the main characters of the cult TV series The X-Files” which aired between 1993 and 2002 and included 9 seasons. The X-Files tells the story of two agents assigned to an obscure department of the F.B.I.: The X-Files or cold cases. This is where cases are stored that have never been solved, often because of their supernatural aspect. But it is also to this department that new cases with these same aspects are assigned. Dana Scully is, at the beginning of the series, a promising young agent who is assigned to this department, officially as Fox Mulder’s partner, unofficially to spy on him and eventually find good reasons to close down his department. Trained as a scientist, she will often be skeptical of her partner’s supernatural theories, always trying to find a rational explanation. However, as time goes by, she will have to realize that it becomes complicated to rationally explain what is happening to her. At the beginning of season 2, she disappears following what is believed to be an alien abduction. And although she has no memory of this event, it will have an important impact on the evolution of her character. This dark atmosphere mixing supernatural, government conspiracy and a certain scientific realism is what made this series cult and made it a model for many other series that followed. The chemistry between two characters who were initially opposed to each other and who also inspired many other TV duos (Bones, Castle…)


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