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Fox Mulder (The X-Files)

A character at the height of his glory

Like his partner, Mulder is most likely represented in his style in the promo photos of the movie X-files: Fight The Future, taking place between seasons 5 and 6 of the series. If it is less obvious for him than for Scully, his look evolving finally rather little during the series, we recognize all the same some details bringing back to these famous photos. As in the movie, he wears a dark blue suit (although it is still much lighter than the one we see on the pictures) and a light blue shirt and a dark blue striped tie. Like Scully, he wears his F.B.I. badge but holds a gun in his hand instead of a flashlight. If this choice is valid, we could have hoped for an object a little more symbolic like one of the huge cell phones that they were the first to use regularly in the 90s. Finally his face is very simple but we recognize all the same his characteristic haircut of this period of the series.


I want to believe

Fox Mulder is one of the main characters of the cult series of the 90’s: The X-Files (Aux fronti?res du r?el” as it was called in France at the beginning). This series, which has 9 seasons, tells the story of two FBI agents assigned to the X-Files. These cases are unsolved cases, mostly because of their supernatural aspect. So they are also the ones who are turned to when new cases seem to show an unexplainable character. While his partner Dana Scully was initially assigned to watch him, Fox Mulder chose to work there. Indeed, when he was a child, his younger sister disappeared under strange circumstances and, although he has little memory of it, he remains convinced that she was abducted by aliens. Since then, he has taken a keen interest in all strange cases in the hope of one day learning more about what happened to his sister. Always ready to go for the most supernatural explanation, everything seemed to oppose Fox Mulder to his partner Dana Scully, the skeptic. However, although they both often remain on their positions, a very strong bond will be bound between the characters and what they will live together will make their respective beliefs waver. It is this chemistry, coupled with the exceptional quality of the scripts and the innovative themes that will make this series a success. It will receive many awards, mainly during its first five seasons. Unlike his partner, Fox Mulder will not be present during the whole series. His interpreter will leave the series at the end of season 7 to return in the second part of season 8. He will then leave the series again to return in the double final episode.


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