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The Cigarette Smoking Man (The X-Files)

An Ordinary Man

While Mulder and Scully’s style has changed greatly over the seasons, following the evolution of fashion, the style of the Cigarette Man” has almost never changed, so much so that it would be hard to tell the difference between a photo from season 1 and one from season 9. He always wears neutral colored suits (gray, black, brown or beige) with a classic cut as can be seen on this figurine. He also always wears a dark, gray or black raincoat. The idea is that the character’s look is as ordinary as possible to contrast with the importance of his role in the government. As his “name” indicates, this character is almost never seen without a cigarette in his hand and Funko has of course not forgotten to represent this. Finally, his face is quite classic but his grey hair with that characteristic streak makes the character particularly recognizable.


An Ordinary Man

The Cigarette Smoking Man is an important character in the cult fantasy series of the 90s: X-Files. The series tells the story of two FBI agents assigned to the X-Files, which deals with ongoing and old unsolved strange stories. While Dana Scully, a scientist by training, has been assigned to the X-Files and remains very skeptical, Fox Mulder, her partner, has chosen to work in the X-Files and is most often drawn to the more supernatural theories. He chose to work at the FBI, and in this department in particular, because his younger sister disappeared when he was a child and he remains convinced that she was abducted by aliens. The Cigarette Smoking Man” (as he is credited in the series because we never know his real name) is a high ranking and rather mysterious FBI agent. He appears in the first season and seems to keep a close eye on Agent Mulder’s activities. On several occasions, he will put his life in danger to prevent him from knowing too much about the government conspiracies that seem to surround many of the cold case investigations. But he will also sometimes bring some help to the duo of agent and we will eventually learn that the mysterious agent is closely related to the family of Fox Mulder. The “Cigarette Smoking Man” is so called because he is almost never seen without a Morley cigarette (a fictional brand whose packaging is clearly inspired by Marlboro).


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