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All For One (My Hero Academia)

A terrifying look

Funko has represented All For One here with the outfit he wears when he leaves home. As always, he wears a stylish blue suit and you can see that his musculature underneath is still impressive. He also wears a mask that hides his whole face. Several tubes come out at the level of his mouth and go towards his neck to help him to breathe and we also find purple patterns at the level of his eyes. Finally, at the level of his hands, he wears a kind of metal glove with red and black patterns.


The first of the super villains

All For One is the founder of the Super Villains Alliance, created to counter the super heroes whose hypocrisy he doesn’t appreciate in the manga and the anime My Hero Academia. As such, this makes him one of the main antagonists of the series. We only know his last name, Shigaraki, and his goal remains rather vague except that he is training Tenko to become his successor. Having been seriously injured by the sign of peace, his face is very damaged and almost entirely covered with scar tissue, which makes him have no visible nose or eyes. So he has to rely on his infrared alter to see” as well as many accessories to survive.


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