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Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn)

A survivor

Aloy has been depicted here in her full ceremonial and battle attire. She is wearing thick brown leather boots and a dark pink tunic reinforced with metal armor plates. She also wears a kind of short vest but with long sleeves also reinforced with metal plates and a wide brown leather belt. At the level of the head, we find her hair going from red to blond, rather long with several small plaits. She also wears a metal helmet covering her entire head with brown straps around her eyes. Finally, she holds a bow in her right hand.


A mysterious heroine

Aloy is the young heroine of the video game Horizon Zero Dawn from the studio Guerilla Games, which takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the machines have taken control. The world has become quite wild again and the surviving humans live in tribes. Aloy is in the Nora tribe but she is banished by the matriarchs because of the strange circumstances of her birth. She is entrusted to Rost, an outcast who trains her to control the focus machine she found as a child and to prepare for the hatching ceremony allowing her to rejoin the tribe. He also prepared her for hunting, fighting and general survival. During the ceremony the tribe is attacked by eclipse cultists and Aloy is narrowly saved and brought back to the sacred mountain of the Nora to be healed. There she learns that she was found there as a baby in front of the All-Mother’s gate and so some believe that she was chosen for some reason by the goddess.


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