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Watcher glows in the dark (Horizon Zero Dawn)

A robotic dinosaur

The watchers, like many of the other robots in this video game, have a dinosaur-like shape. It has a sort of backbone that appears to be made of yellow and orange plastic and extends into a sort of tail at the back of its body. It has powerful silver metal back legs and shorter front legs. Finally, its head does not really have a face but a kind of ball with three yellow lights. The spine and the head of this figurine shine in the dark.


A machine among thousands

The watchers are the robots that we meet most frequently in the post-apocalyptic video game Horizon Zero Dawn. As humans have lost control of their technology, robots have invaded the world. Some of them are standard machines used only for surveillance, but others plan the destruction of the remaining humans who have reorganized themselves into tribes. The watchers are among the most standard robots. They are fairly simple robots that serve primarily as reconnaissance and surveillance for intelligent robotic entities with often malicious intent.


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