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Thunderjaw (Horizon Zero Dawn)

A terrible dinosaur

Like all the other robots in this game, thunderjaws are shaped like a dinosaur. This one is more or less shaped like a tyrannosaurus. It has a gray metal base with powerful back legs and a long tail and shorter front legs and a head here that leans forward. It also has a white frame to reinforce it and, being a fighting machine, it has weapons attached to its back, the end of its tail and also the sides of its head.


A terrible fighting machine

Thunderjaws are terrible fighting machines in the post apocalyptic video game Horizon Zero Dawn. In this world where humanity has lost control of its technology, machines have invaded the Earth controlled by terrible artificial intelligences with the most aggressive motivations. Thunderjaws are some of the largest fighting machines created and controlled by the artificial intelligence HEPHAIESTUS in order to counter the phenomenon of machine hunting that is growing among human tribes and is part of the artificial intelligence’s drive to eradicate the human race.


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