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Eclipse Cultist (Horizon Zero Dawn)

A mysterious appearance

The members of this sect always have a rather strange appearance with this mask that completely hides their face. On the bottom, he wears light grey pants with a kind of dark grey loincloth and brown shoes. On top, he wears underwires at the level of the shoulders which are attached with straps crossed across the torso. He wears a black hood on his head and a white mask reminiscent of a skull and crossbones with red symbols on it.


A dangerous cult

The eclipse cultists are members of the eclipse cult in the video game Horizon Zero Dawn. In a post-apocalyptic world where robots have taken over the planet, most of the surviving humans have gathered into tribes and are trying to continue living as best they can. The members of the Eclipse Cult serve the robot HADES, whom they believe to be the demon of the Carja religion. But this is not the case and HADES is just using them to try to reactivate the Faro plague in order to eradicate all of humanity. The members of this sect are particularly violent.


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