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Erend (Horizon Zero Dawn)

Remarkable style

Erend is shown here with the characteristic look he always has in the game. He wears a pair of wide red pants with a white and yellow sweater of sorts, and the whole thing is almost completely covered in leather armor plates with metal eyelets to reinforce them. He also wears reinforced boots. At the level of the head, we find the crest on the top of his head as well as this beard and mustache with the so particular shape. Finally, he stands with one hand on his hip.


A fighter for peace

Erend is an important character of the post apocalyptic video game Horizon Zero Dawn. In this world where man has lost control of his own technology and the land is ravaged by these giant robotic creatures, humans have reorganized themselves into tribes that are far from peaceful with each other. With his sister Ersa, Erend was fighting against those of the Carja tribe who were perpetuating the red raids. But one day he was saved by Avad, a Carja prince who wanted to end this reign of terror by killing the mad Sun King. Erend helped him and Avad became king, bringing back a kind of peace. He met Aloy, the heroine of the game, when he accompanied Avad with a Carja delegation to try to bring peace between his people. Erend flirted with her but his advances were rejected. They remained friends, however, and crossed paths again later in the game.


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