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Amumu (League Of Legends)

An adorable mummy

The Amumu figure is exclusive to GameStop stores and can be purchased in a pack that also includes two pocket pops that will only be sold in this form. We find of course this famous green color and the bands surrounding his body. Her back is slightly arched and her arms falling down give her this perpetually depressed look. At the level of the head, we also find his yellow eyes as well as this small blue tear which still accentuates the sadness of his face.


A melancholic hero

Amumu is one of the most famous heroes of the famous online multiplayer arena video game: League Of Legends. In this game, players must form teams of five to conquer an arena before the opposing team. Amumu is a small mummy of green color. He is always alone because his curse is that everything he loves is bound to die or collapse. In the game, Amumu can attack with his strips or his curse and can even infect his enemies with his permanent sadness.


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