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Jinx (League Of Legends)

The blue-haired girl

In the game, Jinx has a very particular style, which we find here. She wears her famous mini-shorts with her black boots and her very little covering top. In her hands, she holds her famous rocket launcher with rabbit ears and wears another impressive pistol on her waist. At the level of the head, Jinx has of course her famous blue hair styled in two long braids falling down to the ground as well as this large lock falling from her face. Finally, we find these famous pink eyes which add to her air of madness.



Jinx’s Harley Quinn is one of the newest playable characters in the popular online video game League Of Legends. In this game, players gather in teams of five champions and must win the arena against the opposing team. Jinx lives only to cause chaos, her only way to have fun. When she arrives in Piltover, she starts committing crimes, each one more absurd and crazy than the other. She will be pursued by Caitlyn and VI but she will not be caught so easily. Jinx is particularly fond of very big guns and has a rocket launcher.


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