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Lee Sin (League Of Legends)

The Blindfolded Man

As in the game, Lee Sin is of course shown in his relatively plain monk’s outfit, wide gray pants with brown boots and a golden belt with a wide strip of red cloth sticking out. On his body we can see some tattoos, remnants of his past as a summoner. Like the other figures of this license, Lee Sin is in a fighting position, hands in front. On the head, we can see his little black beard and his hair completely shaved except for a ponytail on top of his head. Finally, we find of course this large red band on his eyes. as well as the golden jewel in the middle of the forehead.


The blind monk

Lee Sin is one of the playable characters of the famous online video game League Of Legends in which players have to get together in teams to win an arena against the opponent team. Lee Sin was once one of the greatest summoners in the League. But one day, he used his new skills before he mastered them completely and caused the annihilation of his village. He then retired to a monastery to repent. He set himself on fire to protest the occupation of Ionia by the Noxians. He suffered for weeks and when he finally agreed to have the fire put out, he had gone blind. He now fights with the only possessions of a monk, blood and sweat.


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