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Ashe (League Of Legends)

The Elf of League Of Legends

Ashe’s style is clearly elven. She wears this blue and gold outfit with very fine patterns, consisting of a dress, leggings and a long matching cape. She holds in her hands the famous bow of frost, nicely represented in a transparent blue plastic. Her face is simple but her characteristic white hair is partially hidden under her pretty hood, which matches the rest of her outfit.


The heroine with the ice bow

Ashe is one of the playable heroines in one of the most famous online arena video games: League Of Legends. In this game, players must form teams of five to conquer an arena before the opposing team. Ashe is the leader of the most important tribe in Freljord, the Avarosans, whom she conquered by receiving the magical ice bow from Avarosa, the queen of old. This bow gave her a number of powers such as the ability to summon arrows of pure ice. Ashe’s dream, ever since she was a young girl, is to unite all the tribes of Freljord.


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