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DJ Sona (League Of Legends)

A modern Sona

For this super exclusive figure distributed only at the League Of Legends World Championships in 2016 and produced in only 400 copies, Funko has represented Sona in a DJ version, a skin much more modern than her usual skin. She wears an all-black jumpsuit with headphones reminiscent of Daft Punk and her long red hair in two side bangs. She is holding her famous instrument which is purple, red and grey metallic with a neon effect for the occasion. A great figure that has unfortunately become very rare today and surprisingly does not have an exclusive sticker.


The power of music

Sona is a playable character from the famous online game League Of Legends. She is of unknown origin and was dropped off as a baby outside an orphanage with a strange instrument. As she grew up, it was realized that she could not actually speak, making her adoption impossible. When Lestara, a woman from Demacia heard about the girl and the strange instrument that seemed to be connected to her, she went to the orphanage and immediately adopted the girl. Taking her home to Demacia, she taught her to use the instrument, which then became her voice. It is even suspected that she has a magical link with the instrument and that the sounds that come out of it would therefore also be magical.


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