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Miss Fortune (League Of Legends)

A pirate

Funko has represented Miss Fortune here with her basic sexy pirate skin. She is wearing brown pants with blue boots and a very short blue blouse. At the head level, we find her red hair falling in her back and in front of her right eye. She also wears a classic pirate tricorn hat and holds in both hands each of the two pistols created by her mother.


A famous bounty hunter

Miss Fortune, whose real name is Sarah, is a famous bounty hunter and one of the playable characters in the online video game League Of Legends. Originally from Bilgewater, she was the daughter of a famous weapons manufacturer. When she was young, her house was attacked by the thug Gangplank, who killed her mother because she refused to sell him her famous guns. He also killed her father and burned the house, leaving Sarah for dead. But she survived and her blonde hair was forever stained with her mother’s blood. Since then, she grew up with revenge on her mind and a hardened heart. She became Miss Fortune and a bounty hunter like no other. She avenged the death of her parents a few years later by blowing up Gangplank’s ship while he was on it.


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