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Thresh (League Of Legends)

The Chain Guard

The Funko Thresh figure is pretty faithful to the character’s representation in League Of Legends. His appearance is both ethereal and skeletal, with shades of blue, black and dark green. Thresh carries a scythe in his right hand that allows him to wound and lure enemies to him. We can also see some keys attached to his armor at the level of his abdomen, probably the keys of the chest he had to keep and which gradually caused his loss. We can also see the chains from which he got his nickname and which allowed him to bind his enemies. Finally, the lantern that he carries in his left hand allows him to protect his allies and to imprison souls in order to torture them for eternity.


A perverse spectral abomination

Thresh is one of the playable heroes of League Of Legends, the famous arena-based multiplayer video game. This type of game pits two teams of five players against each other and the goal is to take over the opponent’s base. Thresh was a man who belonged to an order whose purpose was to protect knowledge. But one day he was ordered to stand guard over a safe containing dark magic artifacts. For years, these dangerous artifacts of corrupted magic seeped into him. Then, following a cataclysm, Thresh is transformed into a wandering spirit. He’s extremely inventive when it comes to tormenting mortals, especially if they’re smarter and tougher than average.


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