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Vi (League Of Legends)

The steampunk heroine

Like many of the characters in the game, Vi has a recognizable steampunk style. She wears a suit of armor made of leather and copper-plated metal, perfectly matched with her two famous fists that are her trademark. Vi is shown in a particularly dynamic pose, slightly three-quartered with one fist down and the other up. On the head, her face is well detailed with the small scar in her pink eyebrow and the VI tattoo under her left eye. We can also recognize her punk inspired haircut with a shaved side and a bright pink color. To complete her steampunk style, she also wears copper aviator glasses on the top of her head.


Two powerful fists

Vi is one of the playable characters in the famous video game League Of Legends. This game is a MOBA, which is an online multiplayer arena game where players must form teams of five people to fight another team. Vi is a young woman who grew up as an outlaw before eventually joining the Piltover law enforcement. She acquired her mechanical skills by dismantling and stealing Hextech equipment. One day, while trying to help miners get out after a cave-in, she found a damaged mining robot, retrieved its arms and attached them to her fists, giving her superhuman strength. It has since become her main weapon in battle. In law enforcement, she is Caitlyn’s partner and often annoys him with her lack of seriousness and disinterest in the rules.


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