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Ana (Overwatch)

Old School Armor

Unlike many other characters, Ana’s armor seems very traditional and based more on practicality and lightness than technology. So we find this outfit in shades of gray and brown with just a few touches of bright blue. She also wears a gray mid-length coat that completes her outfit as well as a hood that lets only her face appear. At the level of the head, a grey headband hides her damaged eye and under the other one we find an Egyptian inspired pattern. Finally, in her right hand, she holds the rifle that allows her to shoot from far away thanks to her legendary precision.


An exemplary character

Ana is one of the playable characters of the Overwatch video game. She is one of the founding members of the troop and one of the most respected fighters in Egypt, a country that was greatly weakened by the Omnic Wars. After serving in the Overwatch troops until the age of 50, even losing an eye, she was supposedly killed by the famous assassin of the Fatale” claw. She actually survived her injuries but decided to stay hidden, considering she had fought enough. But when trouble resurfaced in the lands, she decided to get back into the game, drawing from Overwatch’s arsenal to fight these new threats.


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