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Ancient One (Doctor Strange)

A strange character

In the Marvel comics, Ancient One is a man but given her shaved head and her unisex clothes, the character in the movie is actually quite close to the one in the comics. She wears like all the disciples black pants and shoes but her tunic is a flamboyant yellow of Tibetan inspiration. Like the other disciples, she also wears a thick black belt whose details are very well rendered. She is shown in a dynamic pose using her powers and we can see in her hand the object that allows her to channel her magic. On the head, her face is simple and only her eyelashes remind us that she is a female character. His head is shaved so the top of the figure is of course perfectly smooth.


The Master

Ancient One is an important character in the movie Doctor Strange, based on the Marvel comics of the same name of which Doctor Stephen Strange is the hero. At the beginning of the movie Stephen Strange is a rich and brilliant neurosurgeon. But while he is on his way to a party, he has a serious car accident, his spine and hands are severely damaged, making it impossible to practice his profession. He will then look for all possible solutions to recover all the motricity of his hands and while he seems to have reached the end of the medical solutions, he meets a man completely healed of an equivalent traumatism thanks to a strange character living on the top of the Himalayan mountains. This character is Ancient One”, a woman who seems to master magical powers far beyond anything Stephen Strange can imagine. After he insists, she decides to accept him as a disciple and teach him what she knows. But some time after the beginning of her training, the sanctuary is attacked by Kaecilius, a former disciple gone bad.


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