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Angela Moss (Mr Robot)

A very classic look

In the series, Angela wears most of the time an elegant trouser suit and it is thus that she is represented here. One finds well this navy blue suit rather close to the body with a well fitted jacket. With that, she wears very classic black heels and under her jacket, she wears a white blouse with a very high collar and whose details are nicely reproduced. Finally, at the level of the head, her face is very simple but we find her very light blond hair always perfectly smooth and well styled on the side.


The best friend

Angela Moss is an important character of the series Mr Robot. The series centers on Eliott Alderson, a very psychologically disturbed young man working in a computer security company by day and using his abilities to be a hacker by night. Although very different from each other, they met and became friends when his mother and father both died from contact with toxic chemicals in the workplace. Today, they work in the same company and Angela takes care of him, a bit like a big sister. On his side, Eliott takes care of her in his own way, as for example when he hacks her boyfriend’s computer when he suspects him of cheating on her.


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