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Elliot Alderson chase (Mr Robot)

Eliott tries to hide

On this chase version of the character, Eliott is still represented with his black jeans, his black sneakers and his grey hoodie that he wears very often during the show. But this time, he wears it with his hood on his head as when he thinks he is followed by people. As on the other version, he wears his black backpack, his hands in the pockets and the pockets under his eyes which remind us how much he still has trouble to find sleep.


A tortured character

Elliot Alderson is the hero of the Mr Robot series. Elliot works in a computer security company for which he puts his computer genius to good use. The rest of the time, he uses this genius to hack websites, mainly in order to denounce criminals and people he considers morally wrong. One day, he is recruited by the mysterious Mr. Robot, an anarchist hacker whose goal is to hack into one of the biggest American banks to cancel the debts of millions of people. Eliott also has serious psychological problems. On the verge of autism, he has trouble communicating with others and the drug he takes to feel better and more in tune with the world does nothing to help him.


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