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White Rose (Mr Robot)

A very traditional style

White Rose has a rather classic and traditional style that contrasts quite a bit with her hacker activity. She wears an all-black outfit with black pants and shoes and a typical Chinese black tunic with tone-on-tone flower embroidery. At the level of the head, her face is very simple but we find her haircut in the very classic square as well as her golden earrings in the shape of flowers.


The Chinese hacker

White Rose is a secondary character but quite important in the plot of the Mr Robot series. We follow the adventures of Eliott Alderson, a young anti-social man at the limit of autism working for a computer security company. But being also a computer genius with a very critical view on society, he is also a hacker by night. At the beginning of the series, he is recruited by fsociety, a group of hackers whose goal is to hack into the servers of one of the world’s largest banks in order to erase the debt of millions of its customers. Very quickly, fsociety realizes that they will not be able to do it alone and so they call upon The Dark Army” a group of Chinese hackers. White Rose, a transgender woman, is one of the most important members who agrees to meet Eliott in season 1.


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