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Mr Robot (Mr Robot)

A funny father figure

In the series, Mr Robot is always dressed in the same way and this is how he is represented by Funko. We can find this simple blue jeans worn with basic black shoes. On top, he always wears a green t-shirt, a blue checkered shirt and this famous jacket with the Mr. Robot patch from which he gets his nickname. At the level of the head, he wears well his two-colored glasses, his light beard and especially this beige cap which never leaves him.


A mysterious character

Mr Robot is the mysterious anarchist hacker who recruits Elliot Alderson, the somewhat strange and anti-social hero of the Mr Robot series. He works in a computer security company but also uses his genius as a programmer to try to bring justice by hacking immoral companies or by denouncing pedophiles to justice. The strange Mr. Robot, who seems to have been following him for some time, suggests that he join a more than motley group whose goal is to hack into one of the largest American banks and thus cancel the debt of millions of Americans. But the more the series will go on, the more we will realize the strange nature of this famous Mr Robot.


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