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Darlene Alderson (Mr Robot)

An inimitable look

Darlene has always unique made up of different elements not always matching each other. So here she is pictured with one of her outfits from season 1: striped shorts worn with gray ankle boots and high purple socks. On top, she wears a t-shirt with a skull and crossbones pattern and a rather elegant long jacket. We will also notice the detail of her belt buckle very nicely reproduced. At the head level, her face is simple but we find her sunglasses in the shape of a heart and her brown/red hair is styled in this way which is very characteristic for her.


A mysterious ally

Darlene Anderson is an important character of the series Mr Robot. We follow Eliott Alderson, a young anti-social man at the limit of autism working for a computer security company. At night, he uses his genius as a developer for his hacker activity. His goal is usually to denounce dishonest or immoral companies or criminals. One day, he is recruited by the mysterious Mr. Robot to join a group of hackers whose project is to hack one of the biggest banks in the United States. There he meets Darlene, an eccentric young woman who seems to be immediately very comfortable with Eliott, even coming to see him at home unexpectedly without him remembering to tell her where he lived. It is only later in the series that we understand that Darlene is in fact his sister and that his mental disorder had made him forget this fact.


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