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Ant-Man (Ant-Man And The Wasp)

New features

Ant-Man is shown here with the new version of his suit, which has been improved to add more features. This one is still red and black with reinforcements on the torso and legs that remind a bit of a motorcycle suit. He is in action with one hand ready to press the button that allows him to shrink. At the level of the head, his face is almost entirely hidden by the helmet equipped with a gauze mask and a red visor that only reveals his eyes.


Ant-Man is back

Ant-Man is the hero of the Ant-Man movies based on the Marvel Studios comics of the same name. His real name is Scott Lang and he was just released from prison in the first film and had trouble finding a job despite his desire to stay legal. Then he is contacted by a scientist who has created a suit that allows the wearer to become as small as an ant. Scott was in jail for hacking into a bank’s website that had made bad investments in order to give money back to people who had lost it, so Hank Pym thinks that he has all the necessary qualities. A good background, technological skills and the desperation to find a job. He then becomes the superhero Ant-Man and everything goes well until he helps Captain America in an illegal mission and ends up in prison again. We find Scott at the beginning of the second film when he is out of prison but under house arrest. He hasn’t heard from Hope, Hank’s daughter with whom he had started a relationship, since he ended up in prison. But when one of Hank’s former relationships is determined to get revenge, it interferes with his plans to find his long-lost wife in the quantum plane. Scott will then find himself involved in the whole thing again despite himself.


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