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Aqua (Kingdom Hearts)

A courageous character

Aqua wears an outfit that diverges a little from the usual style of the game. She wears a sort of black corset with black shorts and high socks. With this, she wears silver metal boots and a sort of white and purple skirt open in the front. She also wears white sleeves and holds in her hand one of the famous keyblades. Finally, at the level of the head, we find her determined air as well as her blue hair degraded and cut rather short.


A promising student

Aqua is a character from the video game Kingdom Hearts appearing in the episode Birth By Sleep but being especially important in Kingdom hearth 3. With Ventus and Terra, she is one of the three students trained with the Keyblade by Master Eraqus and the only one to have reached the rank of master. She is very friendly with Ventus and Terra. In order to save Terra, she ventured into the darkness, but having lost her keyblade, she could no longer fight and she sank into the darkness and was never seen again.


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