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Aquaman (Aquaman)

A different look

For this new movie version of Aquaman, we are moving away from the rather ridiculous look of the character in the comic. He wears dark green pants with matching boots, all covered with a scale pattern. On top, he wears a tunic in gold and copper tones with green gloves whose design reminds that of the fins of a fish. In his hand, he holds the trident of the Atlantean people and stands on a wave of turquoise water. On the head, we can see the long hair and the beard of the actor who plays him, as well as this scar in his eyebrow and the small tattoo under his eye.


Between land and sea

Aquaman is the main character of the movie Aquaman. We had already met his character very briefly in the movie Batman vs Superman, and then at length in the movie Justice League where he joined forces with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Cyborg to fight a terrible threat. In Aquaman, we will learn a lot more about the origins of the character, where he comes from and who he is. His real name is Arthur Curry and he is the son of Tom Curry, a human, and Atlanna, an Atlantean woman whom he found injured near his lighthouse. After they fell in love and she gave him a son, she had to return to her people, fearing that they would kill all three of them if she didn’t. 33 years later, Arthur has become Aquaman, a superhero who can act on land as well as in the sea, but he will soon have to fight new enemies.


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